This is a paid event, please see registration fees for each organisation type in the table below. Please kindly note that this is a fully in-person event, taking place at Sparks in Brussels. There will be no virtual element to this event, so please only register if you are able to physically participate in Brussels.


If you have queries regarding which organisation type you fall under, please contact us.

Organisational Type

Early Bird*


Applies to: Corporate Organisation

Early Bird* - €995
Cost - €1245



Applies to: Not for Profit / NGO, National Regulator or Government Representative of Non-EU Member State

Early Bird* - €695
Cost - €845



Academic / Student
Applies to: Academia / Students

Cost - €350



Applies to: Representatives of National Governments /
Regulators of EU Member States / EU Commission / Parliament / Council / Representatives to the EU / Diplomatic Mission / Journalists / Press




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